Dark Eye Circle Treatments

Eyes indeed are one of the key factors in making one’s appearance look lively or dull. The eyes and its surrounding skin conditions can easily impact a person’s overall personality and looks.

For example, dark eye circles can make a person look tired, sleepy or droopy. In order to cure the imperfect eye conditions, we must first know and understand he conditions that the eyes are suffering from. Those conditions can be caused due to inappropriate muscles, skin or fat tissues in the skin around eyes.

The condition can be due to prominent infra-orbital fat pads. This happens when there is prominent fat deposit around eye area. Such ‘fat pad’ protrudes over the level of the skin as this fat deposit is in the layer under the skin. This looks unattractive and the bulge makes the eyes look droopy. Such eye bags can be easily removed with a minor surgery.

One of such conditions is caused by prominent pretarsal muscles. The muscle is active when closing the eye. When the pretarsalis muscle is exerted too much, it becomes swollen or bulged. It forms the bulgy appearance or an eye bag under the eye. This mars the beauty of the skin around the eye causing a shadow on the skin just below the eye. Overall, the area looks darker and unattractive. This condition should be best treated with a simple injection of Botox. The Botox injection will reduce the bulk of the muscle and will also improve the lightness under the eye area.

Dark eye circles are something that most of us understand and can visualise how the condition appears. What we need to know more is the actual cause for this dark skin around the eye. This condition can be caused due to a variety of factors. The mostly appearing factor is that the skin under the eye region is very thin. This skin becomes more lax with age and with fine blood vessels running below the skin, the area looks darker and bluish/ blackish. ‘Panda-eyes’ as it is commonly called is caused due to insufficient sleep, excessive rubbing or chronic allergies. Dark eye circle makes the person conscious of the constant stares. There are clinical procedures by which dark eye circles can be properly treated.

Another very common condition is that sagging skin below the eye. With age, our skin loses its elasticity leading to a saggy skin. This occurs everywhere on our face and body. When this condition is seen around the eye area, it causes visible multiple lines on the skin making it loose its smooth and supple look. This skin thus needs to be tightened in order to cure the condition. Common procedures are laser techniques or in mild conditions, appropriate creams are used to tighten the skin.

To cure eye problems, it is therefore very important that you consult a specialist and get the condition diagnosed correctly. Only after that appropriate treatment can be done curing the condition in time.


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