Pimples and Acne Treatment

Is acne of your skin giving you worries? It is normal for people to go from pharmacy to cosmetic counter out of shear depression, obsession and embarrassment, trying for all sorts of expensive medicines instead of seeking help from professionals. The medicines either do not work or only partially resolves their acne problem. It is quite imperative that you visit doctor for faster relief as effective medications for acne are the ones which involve prescriptions.

Acne can be easily treated with the intake of proper medicines.
The most common remark coming out of my patients is “Doctor, I wish I had come to you earlier”.

For getting acne free skin there are no shortcuts involved. Persistent and correct treatment is what yields best results. You should be vary of the treatments that promise to deliver quick results as these are not able to treat acne permanently.
Acne treatment program involves 3 phases:

Phase 1: Calming the skin
This is the first phase for effective acne treatment. It involves quickly calming your acne prone skin while making use of creams and possibly pills, prescribed by us. We can move to the next stage of treatment once the inflammation is brought under control. There is a possibility of lasers being imployed to tighten pores of your skin and to reduce oiliness.

Phase 2: Preventing new breakouts
During this phase, we bring into control the stickiness of the comedones and to clear the pores of your skin, while employing creams and possibly pills. This makes sure that there is no formation of pimples. The process may take 2 – 3 months or even longer but the results are overwhelming.

Phase 3: Fixing the battleground
Once the new breakouts are successfully brought under control, we can shift our focus to fixing the damage done by acne. This involves a process of various treatments including peels, creams, laser to promote scar healing, needle subcision and rarely even pills. Old acne scars can even be improved through our series of treatments.


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Urgent Safety Update
Latest Guideline by MOH. For large- volume liposuction consisting of more than 1 litre of total fat, the procedure should be performed in a Ambulatory Day Surgery Centre or Hospital setting recognized by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

MOH has informed all doctors that parties who fail to comply with requirements "..... shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction" and subjected to disciplinary action.