Tattoo Removal

Tired of your tattoos? Want to get rid of them? If you are looking for a solution, you do not have to go anywhere, we can be entrusted upon. The techniques that we use ensure that the tattoos occurring over any part of your body including your delicate and sensitive parts, are removed without leaving any trace in the form of scars, restoring original beauty of your skin.

We offer the following categories of tattoo removal to our customers:

Eyelid tattoos
The removal of tattoos occurring over the eyelids calls for right protective approach, this being a very sensitive area. The laser equipment that we make use of along with right protective equipment ensures pain relief and minimum discomfort to you.

Eyebrow tattoos
Removal of tattoos below your eyebrows requires specialized treatment, while ensuring safety of your eyebrow hairs. The treatment being very selective can not be carried out with other tattoo removal methods such as IPL. We make use of our Q-switched laser to remove tattoos while keeping eyebrow hairs absolutely safe.
Scars left behind?
There are negligible chances of getting scars as a consequence of tattoo removal treatment imparted by us. The leftovers might be the initial scars that are hidden below the coloured area. We can negate the intensity of scars to a minimum with the help of variety of treatments offered by us while restoring your skin’s original beauty.
Face and Body tattoos
A wide range of specialized treatments offered by us can get rid of tattoos of all colours occurring over any part of your body and face, ensuring top most comfort for you without having to do with any side effects.


Tattoo Removal in Singapore, Remove Tattoo

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Urgent Safety Update
Latest Guideline by MOH. For large- volume liposuction consisting of more than 1 litre of total fat, the procedure should be performed in a Ambulatory Day Surgery Centre or Hospital setting recognized by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

MOH has informed all doctors that parties who fail to comply with requirements "..... shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction" and subjected to disciplinary action.